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Navy Hakama

This Hakama made from Polyester/Cotton blended fabric is pleated and stitched to produce beautifu..


Navy Kendo Jacket (Keiokogi)

Kendo jacket (KEIKOGI) is made of 100% cotton high quality material and with excellent craftsmans..


Ninja Swords

Our Ninja combat sword is made of 440 stainless steel with anti-shock nylon black woven cord hand..


NinJa Tabi Boots

Size: 7-12 (half size). Features a velcro closure along the entire length of the boot. The sp..


NinJa Uniform

This traditional Ninja uniform is made of 100% cotton for optimum stealth and comfort. The unifor..


NinJa Utility Belt

You can carry smaller items such as stars, knives, keys, spikes...with five different po..


Ninja Wooden Swords

34long straight sword of Ninja. Stained balck hardwood with hand guard. ..
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